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promo film
The Clap dudes
unique films
Daisy and Dot 2.0
online series
competition movie
NFP animation
Making animations, video commercials, TV commercials, GIFs. Lines come to life, different worlds are built under the tip of the pencil, our reality does not set limits to ideas any more. New, intriguing never-before-seen things are born. We are only waiting for your idea to start working. With us there are no such things that do not exist, only ones we have never drawn. We show the positive side of everything in and even beyond reality. Creating animations is an international activity, because the eye does not know language barriers. Please check out our references, if you like them you will rock with us.
Mr. Bean
Z Plusz TV
Tv spots
We are going to be your excellent partner in making TV commercials, animations, spots, trailers. Introduce yourself with a gripping story or prepare the lead-in to your programme. A TV animation spot is the moving image of the channel or the programme. You may have encountered our work on VIVA Channel in the form creative visual gags.
Raiffeisen Bank
educational film
parloure game
Chess Playground
chess app for kids
Transylvanian Ball
corporate identity design
Designing logos
When designing logos our basic principle is that the logo is the brand and the brand is the value. This is the first thing people meet when they are introduced your brand and you surely know how important the first impression is. Is it vivid, simple, playful or professional? Have you ever thought of a moving logo? Only a few companies can make animated or moving logos, GIFs well, but this is our favourite job! Tell us what message you want to convey about yourself and your brand and we will do our best for you to give a lasting impression with your exciting and unique image.
mobile app
mobile payment app
TV commercials
Would you really like an advert which blows everybody’s mind making them smile unconsciously? Then animation TV commercials will be your world. Everybody wants shining gleaming, zappy marketing ideas which boost sales and will last long on their market. It is one hundred percent sure that a better piece will be remembered even when the product itself does not even exist anymore. Do not hesitate to contact us for making video commercials, animations, short films! We have the international experience to make your wish visible!
Touch & Flow
app for win 8.1
iphone game
Image design
We bet we can make a better image for you than your current one is. We will design one that will distinguish your brand and it can be identified in a second. A good image will make you unique and easy to remember and you need exactly that if you want to be successful as nobody wants to be “invisible in the noise”
iphone game
math game
Video clips
Don’t you think that it is high time you started the world-fame engine? You surely know that image and sound should make up the whole together to boost shares and you want to be among the first few in culture industry. Open a new dimension, impress another sense! You bring the hit and we add the punchy visuals.
corporate identity
World Factor Show
reality show for mobile
Detti and Drót
Preparing a unique graphical web design which will be much better than the stereotypical ones of your competitors. Think about your website as if you were opening a shop on the main square of the city. It is all the same what your profile is, your customers will like you if you are unique, easy to remember and nice to them. The road to hell is conventional while heaven is reached individually. If you want to be successful, you cannot afford not to have a superb website. Our specialty is exactly this: making very extraordinary websites. We want the best that is why our website has been designed by us. Is it a coincidence? No way!
unique film plan
graphic design
Designing posters and flyers
Printed things that you can touch, stick on the wall, put in your wallet still have great opportunities. Just think about your surroundings in which not everything is displayed on a screen. For most people your brand is just words and pictures on the screen of a phone or computer until you (or your brand is) are encountered in the third dimension as well: live. If you want to have flyers, posters designed, if you wish to have a high quality graphical design following international trends, contact us and let’s discuss it!
graphic design
educational film
Graphics of mobile phone applications
Whether a mobile application is successful or not depends on the experience it gives and on how it can be used. Our application made for Microsoft is compelling to be used since it has been designed with a maximum of technical knowledge as well as with a unique appearance and humorous pictures. Most of the mobile applications are downloaded once and then they are not used any more. If you do not want your application to end up under the rubbish bin icon, you need to have an image that is easy to get to like. We design our graphics from our hearts for the eyes and last but not least for the thumbs!
icon design