How to ask for a quotation to order an animation?
Ordering animation films, spots, moving graphics is a little bit different than an average graphical or press assignment. There is an extra dimension: time during which movements are happening.
Our studio is able to take on a variety of tasks ranging from a few second moving picture card even to 30 minute animations. You have fantastic opportunities to convey your message in an extremely precise, life-like and memorable way. All is possible with the help of animations which you cannot do with a plain film recording or presentation. With us everything is possible visually.
Technical information for ordering animations, the process:
Screenplay or Script In the case of a some second or several minute assignment or when we combine animation with real film recordings where there are real characters, we work together on the screenplay or follow the script. We draw a storyboard (a comics-like graphical visual design). The advantage of this is that we can see the order of the main scenes, and the visual environment, the settings may be seen too. It is possible to create anything here, the image seen by the viewers is manifested here. In the meantime working tightly together with the client we define the look of the characters, the graphical world and atmosphere of the film. If the film has several characters, we determine the relations of the characters with one another.
Animatics or project plan is made. Then we prepare a printed material of the storyboard in which we set the pace of the work. This way we can give a fairly exact estimation of the length of the scenes and their connection to each other. You will be able to see how your film is built up and will be able to present it in front of the decision makers if needed.
Now we can start the animation. Here there are several alternatives to choose from: making a traditional cartoon (Mr. Bean), pixilation in other words stop motion,a boning technique when we place a skeleton inside the figures which we move afterwards like a puppet animation. Animating takes up most of the workload.
Computer post-production tasks. At this point we place the figures in the backgrounds, the effects are added here and the atmosphere of the film is set.
Adding sounds to the film, in other words noises and creating the music. We either work with already existing sounds or our colleagues compose brand-new soundtracks.
Business animation can be used for TV spots, for Youtube commercials, at conferences, at trainings, company presentations, on websites, for instructional videos as a greeting. Being careful about details and visual presentation will add a special value to your company. An animation is always more effective than a plain written text or traditional static pictures.